Blue Merle Boy 'Diamond' now named Blueberry.

Sable Boy with small Blaze 'Scout' and Keno with bigger blaze (Sold)

Blue Merle Girl 'Pearl' now named Lily (Sold)

Blue Merle Girl 'Lily' (Sold)

Tri Boy 'Jack' now named Angus (Sold)

Sable Merle Girl 'Amber', now named Maggie (Sold)

Sable Merle Boy 'Kaiser' now named Oakley (Sold)

Sable Merle Girl 'Maggie' (Sold)

Blue Merle Boy 'Blueberry' (Sold)

Sable Merle Boy 'Oakely' (Sold)

Sable Boy 'Rex' now named Scout (Sold)

Sable Boy Keno on the left and Scout on the right (Both Sold)

Sable Boy 'Keno' (Sold)

Blue Merle Girl 'Lily' (Sold)

Blue Merle Girl 'Lily' (Sold)

Tri Boy 'Angus' (Sold)

Blue Merle Female (Sold)

Sable Boy (SOLD)

Blue Merle male (Sold)