A recent photo of Dakota, owned and loved by Mikhaela in Saskatoon. Born in 2009.

Katie at her new home, loved by Cileen and Barry in SK

Katie at her new home in Saskatchewan, owned and loved by Cileen & Barry. Born January 1/2019.

Loki owned and loved by Ashley in Saskatoon, born in 2016

Loki (Tri-Colored) loved by Ashley in Saskatoon. He is only 12" and 13 pounds. Small but mighty. :)

Dakota lives in Saskatoon. Owned by Mikhaela.

Otis (Blue-Merle) at his new home. Cheryl Hegg in Saskatchewan says Otis is one years old. He's such a sweet boy. He regularly attends fire hall meetings and has spent some time visiting with the nursing home residents.Thanks for the great addition to my home! Cheryl & Otis regularily visit the old age home and brighten the day for the residents.

Shiloh pictured on the left. Shiloh's mom Merle Hegg in Saskatchewan says we love Shiloh to pieces. He has become an integral part of our family.

Shiloh above. His mom Merle Hegg says he loves his bath, he just lays down in the tub, never fusses when I brush or blow dry him. Shiloh and Otis play together nonstop all day, our big yard is packed like a schoolyard. We are both so pleased with our puppies from you. Our 92 yr old coffee buddy is 'Shilohs' favourite person other than Garry.

Otis and Shiloh in the front at their new home.

Reggie pictured above, he is the tri-colored puppy. Resides in Saskatchewan.

Dakota having fun doing Agility in Saskatoon.

Dakota doing Agility with her owner Mikhaela

Kenzie owned in Saskatchewan.

Tikkun is owned by Sue in Saskatchewan. He became a therepy dog and visits people in old age homes.

Dakota lives in Saskatoon, competed in Agilty Trials, born in 2009.

Shane lives in Saskatoon.

Edika owned in Saskatchewan.