Mary my niece with Piper, Lacey's puppy.

Loki :)

One of our sheltie puppies. Loki

Ace with his coat on.

Remy and Lacey.

Hailey puppy

Hershey :)

Lacey's puppies born in 2010 in the kitchen.

Lacey's puppy in the kitchen.

Ashley my niece with Hailey's puppy.

Hailey's litter.

Lacey and Darby playing.

Bed Bugs ;) Hershey (poodle) Hailey and Amy.

Sweet Amy :)

Hailey pictured above.

Darby pictured above

Darby as a puppy.

Shiloh above born in November of 2016.

Otis above born here in November of 2016.

Otis and Shiloh at their new home. :)

Dolly in the cat tunnel at 8 weeks old. :)

Hailey (Bi-Blue Merle) pictured at 3 weeks old with her littermates. Born March 4/ 2011 from Lacey and Remy.

Lacey pictured with her litter born in 2010 :)