Alexis (Lexi) Born January 8/2020
We brought home Alexis on March 6/2020 at 8 weeks old from Cincerlee Shelties.
Sire: Am GCH Can GCH Crinan Executive Decision CGN "Wess"
Dam: Ch. Cincerlee's Vanity Fair "Becky"
Alexis (Lexi) We are thankful to Cincerlee Shelties for letting us have this special girl. She is spunky, outgoing, loves to play and is ray of hope in this time of sadness. We are excited to have Alexis in our breeding program here at Prairie Star Shelties.
Alexis is VwD & MDR1 Clear by Parentage.
CKC registered name is: Cincerlee's Alexis On Fire

My mom (Margo) holding Lexi the day we brought her home from Cincerlee Shelties.

Alexis (Lexi) CKC Registered Name: Cincerlee's Alexis On Fire

Alexis's Mom and Dad.

Alexis's (Lexi's) Pedigree.

Alexis (Lexi) pictured at 8 weeks old.


Grd Champion Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous "Jem" (Blue-Merle)

Sire: BIS Am. Ch Can Grd CH. Linkridge Blackberry CGN RN ROMC

Dam: Belmark Stitch In Time (Can. pts)

Jem is a Blue-Merle that is Bi-Factored and Non White Factored.

Jem is VwD clear by parentage.

Jem's Hips are OFA Good and Elbows OFA Normal.

-Jem's OFA Number for Hips: SS-22042G34F-VPI, done on July 20/2018, results Good.

-Jem's OFA Number for Elbows: SS-EL1217F34-VPI, done on July 20/2018, results Normal.

Jem's eyes have been Cerf'd on Oct.4/2018 and are Normal.

Jem's Thyroid is Normal and her Patellas are good.

She has a sweet, calm temperament and likes kids, and loves getting attention.  She is friendly with people and good with my pack and our cat.  Jem is good at meeting new dogs and walks great on leash.  She likes laying on the couch & on my bed. :)  

We are thankful to Cincerlee shelties for letting us have Jem.

Jem's pedigree is on my Pedigree Page.

Her Date of Birth is: August 29/2015

Pictures of Jem below.


Jem at 10 weeks old.



Dolly pictured above. Reg. name: Springmeadows Sunshine Dolly. Dolly's Thyroid is Normal. She has a correct bite with full dentition. She moves nicely and has a sweet expression with beautiful markings and coat. Dolly's hips are Good and she has a natural earset. Her Eyes have been Cerf'd Normal (done on May 17/2018). Dolly is VwD clear by parentage.

Dolly pictured above was born June 21/2016. CKC Registered Name is: Springmeadows Sunshine Dolly. She is our newest addition here at Prairie Star Shelties. Dolly has a great personality and wonderful structure. She has personality plus and we look forward to including her in our breeding program here. Dolly is a Bi-Factored Sable.


Dolly happy with her big bully sitck :)

Mandy: CKC Registered Name: Shooting For The Stars Mandy. Pictured at 5 weeks old, she was born January 1/2019 and is our latest hopeful and will be staying here. She is fearless, happy puppy that loves attention. We look forward to the future with this special girl. Mandy is VwD clear by parentage. Dam: Springmeadows Sunshine Dolly and Sire: Lasair's Black Tie And Tails.

Mandy so cute. :)

Mandy with my niece Mary :)

Mandy in her princess chair. :)